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Equilibrium offers sustainability consulting, strategies, management and tools to improve your sustainability and help you grow. With more than 30 years collective experience in environmental management and sustainability, we bring together practical services and products that support sustainability, reputation and innovation.

Environment and sustainability

Equilibrium can assist you to improve your organisational performance and reputation from within.

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Compliance and Management

Equilibrium brings together practical services and products that support sustainability and innovation.

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Climate change and carbon

A complete approach to help you set and achieve carbon targets with evidence-based carbon reduction strategies

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Engagement, communications, and Government

Equilibrium has extensive experience in Government environment and sustainability processes and can align this knowledge to assist you achieve your organisational goals.

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Recent BLOGS

December 2021

A dead CERT for greenhouse transparency and accountability

The Clean Energy Regulator (CER) has released new guidelines enabling large greenhouse gas emitting companies to get value from being accountable and transparent. The Corporate Emissions Reduction Transparency (CERT) program, known as CERT, is for large companies and emitters  to disclose their progress towards meeting their renewable and emissions targets. The CERT will promote company … Continue reading A dead CERT for greenhouse transparency and accountability

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December 2021

Ending Cigarette Butt Litter, A report prepared for WWF

The World Wildlife Fund engaged Equilibrium to investigate solutions to the environmental problem of cigarette filter and butt litter in Australia. Of the 17.8 billion cigarettes currently consumed each year, as much as 8 million end up as litter.  Cigarette butt filters are made from non-bio degradable plastic and can take up to 12 – … Continue reading Ending Cigarette Butt Litter, A report prepared for WWF

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November 2021

2050 Modelling Shifts Net Zero Leadership to Industry

The Australian Government commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 could well be the embodiment of former Indian Mahatma Ghandi’s famous quote: “There go my people, I must hurry to catch up with them for I am their leader”. The market has spoken. Business and the community is already moving ahead of Government on greenhouse … Continue reading 2050 Modelling Shifts Net Zero Leadership to Industry

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October 2021

Grant opportunities in New South Wales and Victoria

The NSW government has announced four grants available to improve recycling and waste services.   > Organics Infrastructure: $6 million is available to support the processing of organic waste. This grant is available to local businesses, councils and projects that upgrade, build and expand organics processing infrastructure. Applications close October 21. > Organics Collection: $12 … Continue reading Grant opportunities in New South Wales and Victoria

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Case Studies

Carbon Accounting and Management

Equilibrium was engaged by TIC Group to undertake initial carbon accounting, and assist in the process of purchasing offsets, reducing emissions and putting into place on-going monitoring to be a carbon neutral company.

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Comparative study of waste and recycling

Equilibrium presented comparison of Victoria’s waste and resource recovery facilities, market, competition and infrastructure with that of South Australia and New South Wales.

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Integrated Environmental Management System Audit

Equilibrium will undertake an audit of Enviroland’s Integrated Environmental Management System (IEMS).

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Carbon Emission Report

Equilibrium is undertaking  a carbon emission assessment of the logistics and distribution of Koala Sleep (Koala) mattresses.

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Circular Economy Factory

Equilibrium are developing a business case for the proposed Circular Economy Factory (CEF) at Deakin University.

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Environmental Management System

Equilibrium is developing a corporate environmental management system (EMS) for Costa Group (Costa).

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About us

Equilibrium is a sustainability strategies and management company. We bring together expertise and experience across environmental knowledge, corporate, technical, government and communications to offer practical strategies and solutions that enhance sustainability, innovation and reputation.

Nicholas Harford

Managing Director; Principal Corporate &
Social Responsibility

BA (Communications), MA (Journalism)

Nick is a sustainability and corporate affairs professional who has worked across Government, corporate and media. With a focus on using a sustainability
platform to leverage business development, customer relations and corporate reputation, Nick has a record of successfully aligning improved commercial,
environmental, social and regulatory expectations with organisational goals and outcomes.

Prior to this Nick was Group General Manager Environment at Visy and previously worked as a corporate affairs manager in the recycling, manufacturing and
telecommunications industries and was an adviser to the New South Wales
Minister for the Environment and the Commonwealth Attorney General.



Damien Wigley

General Manager; Principal Environmental Management & Carbon Reduction

BSc (App Chem), MBA

Damien is an experienced carbon strategies and environmental management consultant. He has worked for and held senior and executive positions with a number of large national and multinational consultancies providing strategic advice on environmental management issues with a particular focus on the
impacts and opportunities of climate change.
He has implemented carbon emission measurement and reduction
management plans to address environmental and business risks for a large number of clients. Damien’s skills extend to identifying opportunities for energy, water and waste efficiencies taking into account behaviour related issues,
barriers to implementation and operational changes, particularly within
manufacturing environments.


Leigh Bernoth

Technical and Research Lead

Leigh has extensive environmental and sustainability experience, having worked across industry and government, including operational roles in manufacturing and government. He has multi-disciplinary and applied knowledge of resource efficiency, environmental risk and compliance management, project financial analysis and product stewardship. Leigh has extensive experience on projects ranging from compliance auditing, energy and waste audits, detailed strategic analysis and planning, carbon emission risk management and environmental management systems development.

Jan van de Graaff

Sustainability Adviser

Jan is an experienced environmental sustainability professional with more than 30 years working across the public, private and not-for-profit sectors. He has in-depth knowledge of product stewardship, recycling and resource management. Jan possesses a keen understanding of, and has experience in, public policy development and project implementation.

Travis Bubb

Sustainability Researcher and Analyst

Travis is a sustainability professional and a recent graduate of a Master of Environment and Sustainability from Monash University. He has previous experience as an intern with the Net Zero Team at Monash University and has experience in grass-roots sustainability from his work in co-founding the student-run Monash Association of Sustainability. Travis is passionate about helping people create a more sustainable future.

Azra Hadzic

Sustainability Consultant and Analyst

Azra is a budding sustainability professional who is a recent graduate of a Master of Environment and Sustainability from Monash University. She has extensive educational experience with additional environmental degrees from RMIT and Deakin University. She has previously had experience as an intern for the Monash City Council as a Student Sustainability Officer and in environmental education as a long-time volunteer at Kids Teaching Kids. Although Azra is passionate about all aspects of sustainability she has great interest in environmental education, waste and the circular economy.

Shlomit Kuttner

Sustainability Consultant and Analyst

Shlomit is an environmental and sustainability professional and is passionate about creating sustainable solutions. Shlomit graduated with a Bachelor of Science with majors in Zoology, Ecology and Conservation Biology before completing a Master of Environment and Sustainability from Monash University. She has previous experience working with the Monash Sustainable Development Institute as a research assistant and has also completed an internship with BehaviourWorks Australia, where she assisted with circular economy and waste based projects.

Marita Doak

Sustainability and Communications Adviser

Marita is an environmental and communications professional, with a focus on research and promoting sustainable practice. Marita graduated from a Bachelor of Environments from The University of Melbourne, before specialising in a Masters of International Environmental Management at RMIT. Marita has had communications and project management experience within the travel, tertiary and film industries.

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