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Equilibrium offers sustainability consulting, strategies, management and tools to improve your sustainability and help you grow. With more 30 years collective experience in environmental management and sustainability, we bring together practical services and products that support sustainability, reputation and innovation.

Environment and sustainability

Equilibrium can assist you to improve your organisational performance and reputation from within.

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Compliance and Management

Equilibrium brings together practical services and products that support sustainability and innovation.

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Climate change and carbon

Equilibrium offers unique insight, developed over many years, to help your organisation operate with a carbon constrained economy while realising the benefits of reducing your climate change impacts.

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Engagement, communications, and Government

Equilibrium has extensive experience in Government environment and sustainability processes and can align this knowledge to assist you achieve your organisational goals.

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Recent BLOGS

July 2017

Australia to host Beyond Plastic Pollution conference

Great to see that Australia has a visionary conference focused on reducing marine plastic pollution in the Asia-Pacific region. The Beyond Plastic Pollution conference will take place at Darling Harbour in Sydney from October 30th to November 1st, 2017. The conference aims to bring together government, science, business, academia and the community to discuss the challenges facing the … Continue reading Australia to host Beyond Plastic Pollution conference

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July 2017

That’s Rubbish – Why Your Business Should Be Considering an Environmental Management System

Every organisation will have an impact on the environment. However you might be surprised to learn the extent of the environmental impact that your day-to-day operations are having. The costs to the environment and your bottom line are greater than you think. Consider a small office-based organisation. Large amounts of paper may be printed from … Continue reading That’s Rubbish – Why Your Business Should Be Considering an Environmental Management System

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June 2017

Australia celebrates World Environment Day June 5th

Australia is home to vast forests, oceans abundant with marine life and an enchanting range of flora and fauna unique to our continent. The Murray River is experiencing its best health in over a decade, with increased water flow replenishing drought-affected wetlands and floodplains, leading to a boom in flora and fauna growth. In positive … Continue reading Australia celebrates World Environment Day June 5th

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May 2017

Review of the Product Stewardship Act

Passage of the Product Stewardship Act 2011 marks a step change in resource recovery and recycling in Australia. It has provided the platform and impetus for birth of a range of programs and schemes, some aligned to the Act and some not, that aim to reduce the environmental impacts of a wide range of products. … Continue reading Review of the Product Stewardship Act

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Case Studies

Development of a product stewardship assessment methodology

The Department of the Environment and Energy has engaged Equilibrium to assist the Department with the development of a product stewardship assessment methodology

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Tyre Stewardship Australia – Downstream Vendor Verification Program Guidelines

The project involved the research and analysis of comparable stewardship and chain of custody schemes (local and international) for the development of a guideline, identifying elements for reporting per buyer/ seller arrangements and risk ranking for the provision of evidence around environmentally sound use of end-of-life tyres.

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Royal Automobile Club of Victoria – Environmental benchmarking.

Equilibrium undertook a review of RACV’s environmental data capture and reporting program, as well as a review of peer organisations and internal energy targets to develop benchmarking targets. From this, Equilibrium developed an Environmental Benchmarking and Targets Report to provide recommendations to RACV in setting environmental targets under its Corporate Plan.

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Sacyr – Melbourne South-East Organics Processing Facility community engagement plan.

The project involved developing a Community engagement plan with communication and marketing actions, website structure development, setting up a community and stakeholder inquiries hotline, further stakeholder consultation and public site visits.

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Metropolitan Waste Management and Resource Recovery Group – Kerbside Recycling in Melbourne

Equilibrium was engaged to undertake research to identify key developments related to kerbside recycling in the Melbourne metropolitan area including an analysis of the drivers for collection, transfer, sorting and processing of used materials and the key players involved in Melbourne’s waste and recycling sector.

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Environmental compliance auditing program – Australian Tyre Recycling Association (ATRA)

Equilibrium is responsible for the recycling site audit, data management and verification program for environmental performance for members collecting, managing and processing tyres across Australia on behalf of ATRA.

Our work has also included assessing potential environmental and human health impacts associated with used tyres which form part of the automotive sector throughout Australia as well as assessing opportunities and barriers to tyre recycling in Australia.

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About us

Equilibrium is a sustainability strategies and management company. We bring together expertise and experience across environmental knowledge, corporate, technical, government and communications to offer practical strategies and solutions that enhance sustainability, innovation and reputation.

Nicholas Harford

Managing Director; Principal Corporate &
Social Responsibility

BA (Communications), MA (Journalism)

Nick is a sustainability and corporate affairs professional who has worked across Government, corporate and media. With a focus on using a sustainability
platform to leverage business development, customer relations and corporate reputation, Nick has a record of successfully aligning improved commercial,
environmental, social and regulatory expectations with organisational goals and outcomes.

Prior to this Nick was Group General Manager Environment at Visy and previously worked as a corporate affairs manager in the recycling, manufacturing and
telecommunications industries and was an adviser to the New South Wales
Minister for the Environment and the Commonwealth Attorney General.


Damien Wigley

General Manager; Principal Environmental Management & Carbon Reduction

BSc (App Chem), MBA

Damien is an experienced carbon strategies and environmental management consultant. He has worked for and held senior and executive positions with a number of large national and multinational consultancies providing strategic advice on environmental management issues with a particular focus on the
impacts and opportunities of climate change.
He has implemented carbon emission measurement and reduction
management plans to address environmental and business risks for a large number of clients. Damien’s skills extend to identifying opportunities for energy, water and waste efficiencies taking into account behaviour related issues,
barriers to implementation and operational changes, particularly within
manufacturing environments.


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