21 November 2019

Stewardship for Solar Panels Moves Forward

Work led by Sustainability Victoria has taken a positive step forward in responsible management for end-of-life solar panels, inverters and batteries. A new report covering a stewardship options assessment for photovoltaic (PV) systems has recently been released. It discusses many of the key issues as we move towards a decision on how to best manage … Continue reading Stewardship for Solar Panels Moves Forward

13 November 2019

Making Child Car Seats Safer

A new product stewardship initiative will provide parents and families with a convenient solution to dispose of their old, unwanted and potentially unsafe child car safety seats. A diverse group of manufacturers, retailers and child safety and automotive organisations is working collaboratively to develop a national child car safety seat recovery program. The newly formed … Continue reading Making Child Car Seats Safer

6 November 2019

New Federal Inquiry: Rethinking Waste in Australia

Waste management and recycling continues to be a focus at the highest level of Government in Australia with an industry inquiry now underway. The focus is a positive one looking at solutions, economic opportunities, jobs and regional development. Responsible prosperity seems to be an implicit theme. The need to examine improved performance and optimal resource … Continue reading New Federal Inquiry: Rethinking Waste in Australia

28 October 2019

The Potency of Environmental Films

The power of film to inform, educate and activate is immense. Both photography and film have played a pivotal role in many environmental campaigns, mobilising the public and politicians to care and to act, not excluding Tasmania’s Franklin Dam project in the early 1980s. Like many creative endeavours, environmental film-making has a long history of … Continue reading The Potency of Environmental Films

9 August 2019

NZ moves on regulated product stewardship

The New Zealand Government is proposing a new way to deal with environmentally harmful products before they become waste, including plastic packaging and bottles, as part of a wider plan to avoid rubbish ending up in landfill. Associate Minister for the Environment, Eugenie Sage released a public consultation document titled, “Proposed priority products and priority … Continue reading NZ moves on regulated product stewardship


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