30 November 2021

2050 Modelling Shifts Net Zero Leadership to Industry

The Australian Government commitment to net zero emissions by 2050 could well be the embodiment of former Indian Mahatma Ghandi’s famous quote: “There go my people, I must hurry to catch up with them for I am their leader”. The market has spoken. Business and the community is already moving ahead of Government on greenhouse … Continue reading 2050 Modelling Shifts Net Zero Leadership to Industry

18 October 2021

Grant opportunities in New South Wales and Victoria

The NSW government has announced four grants available to improve recycling and waste services.   > Organics Infrastructure: $6 million is available to support the processing of organic waste. This grant is available to local businesses, councils and projects that upgrade, build and expand organics processing infrastructure. Applications close October 21. > Organics Collection: $12 … Continue reading Grant opportunities in New South Wales and Victoria

13 October 2021

Waste Export License

The Australian Government has implemented the Waste Export Ban, and has begun to regulate the export of Australian of certain wastes. As of July 2021, glass and mixed plastics “waste” are regulated for export. Baled and whole tyres are set to be regulated from the 1st of December and other materials  including cardboard and mixed … Continue reading Waste Export License

1 October 2021

Manufacturing and Life Cycle Assessment

The manufacturing industry plays an important role in global economic development, however it contributes to a significant share of negative environmental impacts in the form of pollution and waste. Manufacturing companies are subject to increasing pressure from consumers and legislation to improve their own activities towards more environmentally conscious manufacturing processes which create less environmentally … Continue reading Manufacturing and Life Cycle Assessment

11 August 2021

Climate Active

Climate Active certification provides businesses and organisations with the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to managing their environmental impacts and committing to sustainable outcomes. Climate Active is the Australian Government backed program that enables business to measure, manage and offset carbon emissions from their operations or products and services. Organisations can also apply the certification … Continue reading Climate Active


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