1 May 2018

Child car safety seat recycling

  Connecting safety and stewardship It’s always refreshing to see new product categories added to the list of stewardship initiatives being developed in Australia. It’s also a sign that more manufacturers and service providers can see the broader environmental and social benefits of managing the impacts associated with their products. Consumer appetite for stewardship schemes … Continue reading Child car safety seat recycling

24 April 2018

Kerbside recycling market assessment tool

Kerbside recycling market assessment methodology The importance of recycling to the Australian community, industry and local councils has been further reinforced by recent developments in China. The act of sorting, separating and recycling our household recyclable materials is something that the public and councils consider an essential service. It is good for the environment, meets … Continue reading Kerbside recycling market assessment tool

17 April 2018

3D or not 3D

No panacea for plastics recycling 3D printing is in ascendancy, disruption is in vogue and innovators are in constant search of new applications. These are exciting times for additive manufacturing with endless opportunities, some of them environmentally driven, some of them deeply practical. As with many new and emerging technologies however, claims by some advocates … Continue reading 3D or not 3D

13 March 2018

Emerging environmental compliance in Victoria

The need for business transition Protecting the environment is a major area of activity for governments and business, particularly as we face complex pollution and waste management issues that can affect human health and sensitive ecosystems. The Victorian Government has been working systematically to modernise the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in order to meet Victoria’s … Continue reading Emerging environmental compliance in Victoria

22 February 2018

Battery stewardship in Australia – on trickle charge or ready to power up?

Keeping batteries out of the waste stream has multiple benefits. Many of the materials found in handheld batteries can be recycled and reused, recovering hazardous substances that would otherwise be released into the environment causing pollution and contamination. Other countries recognise this and have taken regulatory action to compel producers to play a stronger role … Continue reading Battery stewardship in Australia – on trickle charge or ready to power up?


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