18 September 2020

Setting up an Environmental Management System (EMS)

An Environmental management system (EMS) can be a powerful tool to not only monitor and manage environmental impacts but also as an instrument for overall organisational improvement. When well developed, implemented and used to full effect, an EMS can of course reduce environmental risks and harm, but can also: > leverage efficiencies and cost reduction; … Continue reading Setting up an Environmental Management System (EMS)

17 September 2020

Government Funding for Energy Projects

The Commonwealth and State Governments currently have many programs to support businesses in improving their power usage and efficiency. The following grants provide either direct funding or credits for energy audits and programs to reduce emissions. The Emissions Reduction Fund is open for all eligible Australian businesses wanting to reduce their carbon emissions. Participants in … Continue reading Government Funding for Energy Projects

16 September 2020

Virtual Site Audits in Covid-19 Restrictions

With Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) disrupting businesses on a number of levels, Equilibrium has been working with our clients on bringing back businesses’ normal activities and maintaining a presence in state lock-down situations and travel restrictions. Many compliance systems rely on physical site visits to audit a company or facility to assess if it is meeting … Continue reading Virtual Site Audits in Covid-19 Restrictions

14 September 2020

NGER Reporting is Now

It’s time to start to gather your data again and report in line with the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER) scheme. With reports due on 31 October it doesn’t leave much time for determining if your organisation is required to submit a report and if you do, that all of the information you provided … Continue reading NGER Reporting is Now

27 August 2020

Recycling Bill enters Parliament

Recycling and waste reduction continue to receive unprecedented attention in Australia as governments seek to build a thriving industry that is better equipped to transform waste products and materials into value-added resources. The Australian Government has today introduced new  legislation that sees Australia take greater responsibility for its waste and establishes a national industry framework … Continue reading Recycling Bill enters Parliament


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