Carbon reporting for NAB sites

The project involved undertaking quarterly reporting of energy use, carbon emissions and Telstra-supplied equipment on NAB premises.

Telstra engaged Equilibrium to assist in undertaking quarterly reporting of energy use, carbon emissions and costs of Telstra-supplied equipment on NAB premises. This requires reviewing the database provided and provision of metrics for completion of the report.

Child Car Safety Seat Recycling

Equilibrium recently trialled a Child Car Safety Seat Recovery Program that offered parents a free and environmentally-friendly option for disposing of their old child car restraints.

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National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting (NGER Report)

The project involved preparing and submitting the NGER report using energy use/ greenhouse gas emissions database relevant to the 2016/17 financial year for all operational sites.

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Research to identify suitable infrastructure for waste reduction in Western Australian High Schools

The project involved conducting extensive desktop research and stakeholder engagement to report on suitable waste infrastructure for Western Australian High Schools.

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Environmental Management System development

Equilibrium was engaged to undertake an environmental audit and review in order to assess the current environmental performance of the stadium’s and associated administration buildings.

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Material Recovery Compliance for the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

Equilibrium supported the Department by undertaking a review of material recovery reporting under the NTCRS and developing a manual and tool for on-going checking of reported material recovery rates.

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Communicating Sustainability / Environmental Assessment and Reporting

PACIA, the peak body representing Australia’s plastics and chemical industries, is successfully assisting its member companies and industries to strive towards leadership in health, safety and environmental performance through innovative approaches and sustainability programs.

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Carbon Baseline Assessment and Management Plan

The project involves delivering a carbon responsible Games through the development of a Carbon Baseline and Management Plan.

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Development of a Product Stewardship Assessment Methodology

The Department of the Environment and Energy has engaged Equilibrium to assist the Department with the development of a product stewardship assessment methodology

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Downstream Vendor Verification Program Guidelines

The project required extensive research, analysis and development of a Downstream Vendor Verification Program Guidelines to provision environmentally sound use of end-of-life-tyres.

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Environment Engagement and Communications

Equilibrium was engaged to provide on-going support to assist Telstra with engagement and communications on its environmental strategy and with internal and external stakeholders.

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Case Studies

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