Recycling Research and Government Grants

The project involved undertaking extensive market research and engagement activity to assist TIC Group in implementing their mattress recycling facility.

Equilibrium has completed a number of assessments on market share (sales and recyclers), end-of-life practices, waste arising and recycling barriers and opportunities for the TIC Group, who are now operating as a mattress recycling business utilising automated state-of-the-art mattress deconstruction technology.

Our work has also included extensive engagement with Australia’s major mattress manufacturers and retailers, including discussions about take-back or product stewardship schemes.

Photovoltaic Systems Stewardship Options Assessment

The project involves analysing PV Systems Stewardship Options for Sustainability Victoria. With stakeholder engagement and feasibility studies, various options will be analysed and recommendations provided.

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Tyre Storage Compliance and Risk Base Audit Program

The project involved developing an audit program for Tyre Stewardships Australia’s compliance and risk base.

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Carbon assessment and Management Plan – Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Corporation

The project involved delivering a carbon responsible Games through the development of a Carbon Baseline and Management Plan.

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Materials Efficiency Assessment

The project involved delivering a materials efficiency assessment through research and data analyses and the provision of recommendations to improve processes.

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Mary Kay Action Plan for the Australian Packaging Covenant

The project involved developing an Action Plan for the Australian Packaging Covenant (APC). This Action Plan outlined the packaging sustainability and waste reduction commitments of Mary Kay Australia

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Recycling Proposal and Contract Negotiations

The project involved assessing contract variation options for kerbside recycling in light of changes to the export market.

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Environmental Benchmarking

Equilibrium conducted a review on the environmental data capture and reporting program and developed RACV benchmarking targets.

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Stakeholder Engagement and Management Plan

The project involved delivering a comprehensive stakeholder engagement and management plan tailored to align with Paintback’s key messages and objectives.

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Material Recovery Compliance for the National Television and Computer Recycling Scheme

Equilibrium supported the Department by undertaking a review of material recovery reporting under the NTCRS and developing a manual and tool for on-going checking of reported material recovery rates.

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Development of a Product Stewardship Assessment Methodology

The Department of the Environment and Energy has engaged Equilibrium to assist the Department with the development of a product stewardship assessment methodology

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Case Studies

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